Getting your web content read by the right people is the first step towards online success.

Every day your business is competing with hundreds of thousands of others online. Website content is being spewed out at warp speed.

But good content is hard to find. This is your opportunity. And I can help.

Who am I?

I’m Nikki Boer, founder of Contenu, a copywriting and content marketing service that helps businesses get their website content read.

I’m a Digital Content Consultant, which is really a catch-all title because ‘trained editor, copywriter, user experience specialist, content strategist and project manager’, doesn’t really roll off the tongue (or fit on a business card).

My goal is to make sure your clients read your content and take action.

What I offer

I offer a complete content service that covers writing and editing copy, advice on layout and structure, and invaluable insights into your ideal client’s online behaviour. I am thorough to a fault and take the time to really understand you and your business.

For anyone looking for advice on writing, editing or improving your website: get [Nikki]. Get her if you want an experienced web editor who can make your copy sing and your website shine. You’re lucky to have found someone who is reliable and who has real skills.

– Elaine Chang – Department of Chief Minister, Northern Territory Government

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I am about results

I don’t deal in fluff, hype or overblown promises. I’m not going to tell you your site will be number one in Google search results, or that you will achieve x amount of sales in y time. Because there are simply no guarantees online.

With my years of digital expertise, you can be assured that after working with me you will be giving your content the best chance at being read when people come to your website.

And if they read your content, they’re more likely to take action, which means:

  • more subscribers
  • more sales
  • an expanding business for you.

Sound OK?

10 years of digital industry experience to help you succeed online

I use the same techniques I’ve learnt over the past 10 years to create content that inspires action for large-scale websites, to help smaller businesses like yours stand out online.

Nikki is a highly skilled web professional and an exceptional editor. She can turn even the dullest piece of web content into something bright and engaging.

She is great at digging deep, finding the underlying message of any communication and bringing that to the surface … Truly a rare find!

– Rudi Rajendra, ASIC

I’m direct – in the nicest possible way, of course – which is a great thing for you, as time is a precious commodity online. I loathe marketese and jargon with a passion. I’ll cut that stuff out and get to the heart of your message and I’ll help you deliver it in a way that gets the results that you want.

I will turn your content into your most powerful online asset.

Are you ready for your business to stand out online?

Standing out is easy if you:

  • produce compelling and targeted content that speaks to your ideal client’s true wants and needs
  • effectively structure your site and web pages.

Without the right content, written and structured in the right way, delivered at the right time and put in the right places, you’re a sad little rubber dinghy drifting in a huge cyber sea of sameness.

Ready? Book in for a free 30-minute strategy session today.

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