Here are some packages I’ve put together to help give your website content and business the online boost it needs. If you need something that’s not covered below I can also come up with a tailored package to suit your needs – I’m adaptable like that.

The Content Detective package will answer your burning questions around why people aren’t taking action on your site and give you actionable steps you can take to fix this.

The King’s Content package is my premium done-for-you service. It includes everything in the Content Detective package but I do all of the work for you plus a whole load of extras including an SEO review, competitor analysis and more.

Offer 1: The Content Detective package (audit and action plan)

My Content Detective package gives you a clear step-by-step, action plan you can implement for immediate results.

Every plan is uniquely tailored to your business and your business goals.

The process

  1. We get to know you better – you fill in a comprehensive content questionnaire, and from that we get an understanding of your business, your website goals, your audience
  2. We conduct a comprehensive audit of your site – no page will be left behind!
  3. We compile a report and an action plan
  4. We run through the findings and action plan on a Skype call with you

The action plan will leave you with specific actionable steps that you can either:

  • choose to implement yourself
  • pay someone else to implement for you (it could be us or it could be your tech savvy next door neighbour)

Your action plan

Your action plan will identify where your content is letting you down and what to do to fix it, so that you will:

  • get more qualified clients to actually read your content
  • increase the number of clients who will take action on your site so that they do what you want them to do (buy, download, sign up)
  • grow your list (if you have one already)
  • improve your chances of being found by search engines like Google
  • improve your credibility online and increase the chances of being seen as the expert that you are

Just as every business is different, every action plan will be different. This is because I take the time to carefully evaluate each site using the same techniques and principles I’ve used to optimise websites in global businesses.

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Offer 2: King's Content package - my premium done-for-you service

If you’re ready for your website content to actually do its job so that your clients actually take action. Then the King’s content package is for you.

I do all of the hard work, so you don’t have to.

You’ll get everything outlined in the Content Detective package plus an:

  • SEO and keyword review of your content – I see how effective your content is from an SEO perspective, recommend new keywords you may be missing and check to make sure your content is structured and formatted correctly so that Google has the best chance of finding you
  • Review and, if necessary, re-write your copy – I will either restructure or completely re-write your pages (in your voice of course) so that you’re putting your best foot forward online and your message is being delivered loud and clear
  • Optimise your pages – It’s not just about the words on the page, a lot of how people respond to your offers is based on page layout, flow of information between pages, the strength and placement of your calls to action, your linking strategy and more
  • Competitor analysis – I’ll look at what your identified competitors are doing well and see how you can implement something similar

This is a premium service that draws on over 10 years of corporate digital content and user experience expertise.

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