Contenu offers a complete content consulting service that covers content strategy and content marketing, copywriting, editing, information architecture (layout, structure and categorisation), user experience and SEO.

We take the time to understand you and your business, so that we can come up with a tailored content solution that helps your business grow. Our goal is to help make sure you’re producing the right content at the right time for the right people and that it is distributed on the right channels, so that your customers can take action.

Check out the list of key services and packages below. And if you’re after something that’s not listed here then drop me a line as chances are I can still help.

Key Services


Want your web copy  to actually work?

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Sometimes the real power lies in what we don’t say.

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Content marketing

Knowing what kind of content to produce for the right audience on the right platform can be a challenge.

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Package 1: The Content Detective package – A comprehensive content audit and action  

So you have a website and you have some copy. Looks pretty good to you.

So why is no one buying/signing up/virtually running at you with their money? Chances are something’s amiss. This is where a comprehensive content review of your site is necessary. Let us dive in deep to understand just where it all went wrong.

Here’s how it works:

  • We get to know you better – you fill in a comprehensive content questionnaire, and from that we get an understanding of your business, your website goals, your audience
  • We conduct a comprehensive audit of your site – no page will be left behind!
  • We compile an action plan, and last but not least
  • We run through the findings and action plan on a Skype call with you

The action plan will leave you with specific actionable steps that you can either:

  • choose to implement yourself
  • pay someone else to implement for you (it could be us or it could be your tech savvy next door neighbour/friend)

Read more about the Content Detective package

Package 2: The King’s Content package – This is our complete website content success makeover plan

If you know that your website content is letting you down because you aren’t getting any action on your site, then chances are your content needs a lot more than just nip and tuck.

Read more about the King’s Content package

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